The Characteristics Of Good Motivational Speakers


If you will ask me, there are at least five (5) major characteristics of the outstanding motivational speakers. These are all necessary in order to give an effective and genuinely motivational speech to the crowd. Moreover, these characteristics are required even in different kinds of events where the speaker will speak. We will detail these in the section below.

First and foremost, a good motivational speaker must prepare his or her own materials or presentations for the event. If the event requires a PowerPoint presentation or flash presentations, then those must be done personally by the speaker and not by someone else. This is in order to assure that you fully understand what you will be talking about and presenting to the audience. There are already plenty of cases wherein the speaker failed to deliver an effective speech because he or she does not understand the flow of presentation at all.

Secondly, good motivational speakers must also be able to connect through the eyes of the crowd. He or she must not stand stiffly in front of the crowd and as if looking to other and separate world. If that happens, the speech, even if with the most beautiful presentation materials, would be not effective at all. I have said this because if the speaker cannot connect at all to the audience, there is no way that he or she can motivate them. Hence, it does not fulfill your objective at all.

The third important characteristic of a good speaker is an effective voice. Well in fact; this is one of the most important assets of a speaker aside from a good presentation material and experience. This is because no one can deliver a good speech if the speaker has a voice that serves as an irritating noise to the crowd. When that happens, no one will listen to you at all.

The fourth characteristic that I am talking about is the experience. This is the unique characteristic that one must possess. This is because your experience is different from what the other people have experienced. Hence, that is your identity and no one can steal that from you even until you die.

Last, but I think one of the most vital and an important characteristic to be the best motivational speakers is the confidence. You know that the major objective of a motivational speaker, as the name suggest, is to motivate the audience. With that alone, do you think a person can motivate other people to move if that person is not confident at all to what he or she saying in the first place?


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